Riverglen Marina

Houseboats for hire

Houseboats for hire

Riverglen is home to numerous houseboats, b&bs and floating accommodation options.

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Indiana – the River House

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The Floathouse

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Can I go fishing?

Yes, fishing is permitted, however there may be limits on what can be caught in each State.  If you catch carp then it must not be returned to the river.

2 Who controls the Murray River?

Boating policy in South Australia is managed by Transport SA.  NSW owns the Murray River to the South Australian border and is managed by NSW Maritime.

3 How many people are allowed on a houseboat?

Maritime regulations state the number of persons on board must not exceed the number of berths, the maximum permissible is 12. Children under 12 months of age are excluded.

4 Can anyone drive a houseboat, even if they haven’t done any?
Yes, providing you are over 18 years of age with the appropriate licence. On your arrival you are given instructions on the operation and navigation of your Houseboat by a fully licenced Operator. You are then taken for a short instructional cruise just to make sure you are comfortable handling the craft.
5 Do I need a special license?
No, a current car drivers licence is sufficient if you do not have a boat licence.
6 Are houseboat holidays suitable for children?

Yes, houseboats are an ideal family holiday. If regulations are adhered to and common sense is used, we can all enjoy the river. Most Houseboats have excellent child safety areas.

7 How far can I travel?

Houseboats travel at an average speed of approx. 7km per hour. Most people average approx. 4-5 hours per day travelling.

8 Can I drive the houseboat at night?

No, houseboats must not be driven after sunset.

9 What happens if I damage the boat?

The houseboat is insured. Providing the terms & conditions of hire are adhered to, the limit of liability is usually the insurance excess. Wilful or negligent damage is not covered.